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          How to choose the import customs clearance Proxy Companies?

          Read: 【 1228 】 Time: 【 2015-10-17 】
          1 basic information is complete.
          Company license, office address, website, etc. These are necessary, these basically can take the attitude of trust to talk about, but for these things, customers are not all depends on the these things, after all, now that anything can be false, also not too superstitious data on the network. Some companies, and so you will be surprised when the site visits...
          2 company market awareness.
          If there is a long-term in the provision of the service, or the product, there is a fixed customer base, the market has a certain degree of visibility, this is you can trust the import customs clearance agent, Hongkong import customs clearance agent of the best factors. Because a mature company to their customer base, their reputation, will be hard to maintain, so they will be more cautious, and more responsible.
          3 service factors.
          You can pass the side, or the first time you import agent, Hongkong import agent service quality. Of course, the experiment is to do the above two factors after the thing. Service company, must be required to import agent, Hongkong import agent has a very good management, very experienced operation, business. Such a company can trust.
          4 protocol factors.
          This is the best preparation for a look! Out of the problem, you can avoid unnecessary quarrel, according to the contract to deal with it. With the contract guarantee, import agent, Hongkong import agent will be careful, and then the business will also help you to follow all aspects of the process, with you to make feedback.
          Overall, the choice of import agents, Hongkong imports mainly to do: careful, careful. Of course you choose others at the same time, people can also choose you, too nasty customers too big customers, too preoccupied with customers, but also may not be as popular. Fair, fair, open, this is the spirit of the transaction, which is the import agent.

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