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          Private goods import process

          Read: 【 1257 】 Time: 【 2015-10-17 】
          With the development of Chinese economy, Chinese enterprises to go out of the country, at the same time, many Chinese enterprises with out to work, working abroad for two years will be in a lot of personal items need to be shipped back to China, Heng Sheng Tong you summarize some of the private goods import process
          The main form of the import of private goods is to return the goods to the people, which is called the separation of transport mode. When the entry of visitors to the Customs for private goods import declaration, upon approval of the customs and go through the relevant formalities, private goods since the passenger entry does not exceed 6 months of entry and shall be declared.
          After the entry of private goods, the specific customs clearance process is as follows:
          1 goods declaration and submission of documents
          2 Customs audit documents
          3 customs inspection of goods
          4 customs duties
          5 customs clearance goods

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