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          Customs declaration trade mode

          Read: 【 1216 】 Time: 【 2015-10-17 】
          General trade
          Definition and code
          General trade refers to the import and export business of our country has the right to import and export business unilateral import or unilateral export trade. The trade mode code "0110", referred to as: General trade.
          Two, the scope of application
          (a) the way the trade includes:
          1 import and export goods traded in a normal way;
          2 incoming and export goods;
          3 feed processing trade, the other side of the price or free of machinery and equipment;
          4 tourist hotels, hotel business with imported food and food seasoning etc.;
          5 the import and export of loan assistance (including the use of the loans made by us to purchase imported materials);
          6 foreign invested enterprises with domestic raw materials processing products exports or the approval of their own acquisition of domestic exports of goods;
          7 the domestic business of leasing business for the purchase of goods for rent;
          8 the business of the bonded warehouse business is purchased for personal use;
          9 the purchase of personal use of the goods by the enterprises, such as duty free goods and duty-free foreign exchange goods, goods, etc.;
          Import 10 foreign invested enterprises for processing products for domestic sale materials;
          11 foreign ships, aircraft in China to add domestic fuel;
          12 import and export goods to taiwan.
          (two) the mode of trade does not include:
          1 samples of import and export goods, trade code is "3010" (sample advertising A), "3039" (sample advertising B);
          2 without the right to import and export business units approved temporary import and export goods, trade mode code for the 9739";
          3 individual industrial and commercial imports of small production tools, trade code for the "4310", "4339";
          4 to get abroad during foreign contracted projects of domestic machinery and equipment, trade code 3410";
          5. Overseas labor service cooperation projects, each other to physical products to compensate for our workers wages, the imported goods (such as steel, wood, chemical fertilizer, seafood and so on), trade code for 3410.
          Barter trade
          Definition and code
          Barter trade refers to the direct exchange of goods for export of imported goods through media currency trade. This trade code is "0130", referred to as: barter trade.
          Two, the scope of application
          The trade with the former Soviet Union and Eastern European states and twenty-six other countries barter trade.
          This trade pattern does not include:
          1. The small volume trade with Taiwan signed a barter contract trade. The small volume trade with Taiwan signed a barter contract trade as "other business" (9737).
          2, border trade signed in a barter contract trade should be "border" (4019).
          Processing and assembling trade
          Definition and code
          (a) processing and assembling trade is refers to all or part of raw materials, accessories, spare parts, components, and supporting parts and packaging materials (hereinafter referred to as the "materials") provided by foreign businessmen, if necessary, provide equipment, by our party according to the requirements of the other processing assembly, product sales for the party, I charge processing fees, each other to provide the price of the equipment price, repay my employer payment transaction form.
          Processing and assembling trade under the import materials and export products trade code 0214, referred to as: processing.
          (II) processing and assembly of imported equipment is supplied by foreign processing and assembling trade equipment (including equipment attached to items), including providing free to repay industry and trade payment (or price) of imported equipment and foreign equipment.
          Processing and assembly of imported equipment trade mode code "0220", referred to as: equipment.
          (3) processing more than expected, refers to the processing under a contract fulfilled or for any reason after the cessation of, surplus materials and parts imported upon approval of the customs from the contract manual (i.e. more than material roll out manual) into a enterprise with other contracts for processing trade handbook (i.e. more than material transfer of copies) to processed and exported.
          Referred to as: incoming material to carry forward, trade mode code: 0200.
          (four) to return to the processing of finished goods, refers to the processing of processed products have been exported due to various reasons returned within the territory, and re processing after the return port.
          Product return, trade mode code: 4400.
          (5) processing re transported export of raw materials and parts, to re transported corners of the exit of the original processing of import, processing, waste and surplus materials.
          As incoming materials back, trade code: 0265.
          This trade including the processing of the materials returned to export.
          (VI) deep processing of incoming node transfer goods, refers to the Customs for transfer procedures are not exported directly, but the transfer of to the territory of the other to undertake the processing with imported materials comeback export business units (including foreign-invested enterprises) for re processing and assembly of the processing of finished or semi-finished products.
          Materials processing, trade mode code "0255"".
          Two, the scope of application
          This trade pattern does not include:
          (a) processing and assembling trade contract under the surplus materials domestic and approved the imported materials or finished turns sale in domestic market, trade for the incoming materials domestic "(0245), incoming product domestic sales" (0345).
          (two) "materials growing" and "receiving" the import and export trade of goods should be "general trade" (0110).
          Processing of domestic goods
          Definition and code
          Processing, domestic sales of goods is refers to the processing and assembling trade import raw materials or processing has been finished and approved does not sold to export to domestic goods, including the Customs after the discovery of relevant enterprises without authorization to domestic and completing the formalities of import goods granted.
          Incoming finished goods to the domestic trade mode code "0345", referred to as: incoming goods sold domestically. Incoming materials to the domestic trade code is "0245", referred to as: incoming materials sales

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