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          What does the cost of international express include?

          Read: 【 1259 】 Time: 【 2015-10-17 】
          1, Chinese mail sent to foreign mail, postage of course, is charged by China Post, and only charge rmb. However, all international postage paid by China post is not all returned, but every year to carry out the settlement. Settlement costs include: transportation costs (cars, ships, aircraft, etc., with different transport companies settled), transit transit transit fees, terminal fees (such as the Royal Mail). All of these costs are not fixed, but according to the agreement agreed in advance to do, the basic rule is "the UPU convention." Because most of the countries China, Britain and the world are UPU member.
          In turn, the British sent China mail postage is such a settlement.
          2, through the courier company to send international mail, the courier company can not be accessible areas, the courier company is not charged (can not handle this business), because the courier company does not have the region's services. If the courier company and the local postal agreement, commissioned by the post processing, then express company should advance statement to the sender. And the cost of the settlement with the postal service agreement.
          You should understand that all countries in the world have to fulfill the "universal service obligations", so no matter what remote areas, post can be sent to the. But the express company is not the same, for some remote areas, or no offices in the region, can not bring profits to the area, express company is not for posting and delivery services of. This is the basic difference between the post and express company (the whole world is the same).

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