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          Do the whole cabinet of goods and make the difference in the cupboard where?

          Read: 【 1367 】 Time: 【 2015-10-17 】
          First: FCL is hit a taxi, car, so generally costs are relatively high, Dongdan ship can also be shipped generation single, look at the specific request. LCL is to take the bus, the cost of the FCL may be a little cheaper than the point (specific circumstances of the specific analysis, LCL is not necessarily cost-effective than LCL), FCL freight forwarding certainly can not give you a single shipment!
          Second: port operation process is not the same! FCL is the general customer packing, will return the terminal cabinet! FCL requires customers to send the goods to the customs supervision warehouse, by the freight forwarding company unified organization fight goods! Customs declaration of the time when the whole cabinet customers can easily find the customs agent declaration, bulk cargo no, must be a freight forwarding company in the supervision of the customs declaration of the unified management.

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