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          Knowledge of international freight forwarding knowledge

          Read: 【 1271 】 Time: 【 2015-10-17 】
          1.ORC:OriginReceivingCharge shipping port surcharge;
          2.DDC:DestinationDeliveryCharge port of destination;
          3.THC:TerminalHandlingCharge terminal operation (cabinet) fee;
          4.BAF:BunkerAdjustedFactor fuel surcharge, or FAF (FuelAdjustedFactor);
          5.CAF:CurrencyAdjustmentFactor currency devaluation surcharge;
          6.DOC:Document file fee;
          7.PSS:PeakSeasonSurcharge: peak season surcharge;
          8.AMS:AmericaManifestSystem (America Manifest System).
          Logistics forwarding zone
          International freight forwarding main stem what?
          The responsibility of the international freight forwarding agency refers to the responsibility of the international freight forwarder as the agent and the two parties of the parties. From the traditional status of the international freight forwarding agent, as an agent, is responsible for the generation of shipper or consignor booking, storage and transportation of goods, packaging, insurance arrangement etc. and replaced them to pay the freight, insurance, packing, customs duties, then charge a commission fee (usually the entire cost of one percentage point). All of the above costs were by (or will be borne by the customer, including international freight forwarders for cargo transport, storage, insurance, customs clearance, visa, handling of drafts acceptance and with all the expenses caused by the, should also pay due to the international freight agent cannot control. As a result, the contract is unable to perform and other expenses. Customers can only obtain the right to take delivery of the goods before taking delivery of all the above costs. Otherwise, the international shipping agency shall have a lien on the goods and shall have the right to sell the goods in an appropriate manner in order to compensate for the costs they have to be charged. International freight agent as mere agents that typically respond to their own and their employees in the fault responsibility and the errors and omissions include: not according to the instructions of delivery of goods; although instructions for insurance still negligence; customs; hauling the wrong destination; not to according to the procedures necessary to obtain re exports (imports) of goods refund; not to obtain the consignee of the goods and the delivery of the goods. The international freight agency also should be responsible for the loss or damage or personal injury or death of the property resulting from the third person's property in the course of operation. If international freight forwarders to prove his choice to third party achieved a reasonable care, then he does not assume liability caused by act or omission of the third into the. International freight forwarding agent as the parties refer to in providing required for customers, is in its own name to assume the responsibility of independent contractor, he should fulfill its international freight agency contract and employment of the carrier, is responsible for the freight agent behavior or not behavior. Generally speaking, he is in contact with the customer is the price, not to charge the agency fee. At present, the legal provisions of national transport definition and scope of business agent on the loan is different, but according to their responsibility range, in principle, can be divided into three kinds, the first kind of situation, as the international freight agency, only responsible for their own mistakes and negligence; second cases, as the International Freight Forwarders not only, responsible for their own mistakes and negligence, should also make the goods to their destination, which means he should bear the responsibility of the carrier and cause the loss of the third party liability; third, the international freight forwarders liability depends on the terms of the contract provisions and the choice of means of transport, such as FIATA responsible for the provisions of international freight only belongs to itself or its employees caused by negligence. As in the choice of third people has duty, for the act or omission of the third person is not responsible. To prove that he did not do due diligence, any third people whose responsibility should not exceed its contract responsibility. Because of the different laws and regulations, the international freight forwarding agency is not the same.

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