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          International express weight charge standard

          Read: 【 1427 】 Time: 【 2015-10-17 】
          International express freight is how to calculate the weight? International express billing weight standard, international express weight charge standard
          1 billing unit of weight: EMS industry in general to each 0.5KG (0.5 kg) for a billing unit of weight
          2. The first weight and continued heavy: express mail goods delivery to the first 0.5kg headed by weight (or lifting) for each additional 0.5kg for a continued heavy. Usually the heavy cost is higher.
          3. Actual weight and volume: refers to the need to transport a batch of goods including packaging, the actual total weight called the real weight; when the required delivery of goods, volume is larger and heavier than light when, due to transportation tools (airplane, train, boat, car, etc) bearing capacity and loading volume of goods is limited, should be taken to take the volume of the object is converted into weight approach for calculating
          4. The weight of the charge: in accordance with the provisions of the weight and volume of both the definition and the International Air Cargo Association, the weight of cargo transportation process fall into trap collection fee is according to the whole consignment actual weight and volume weight of two high calculation.
          Note: at present, only the international EMS in accordance with the weight to calculate, other international express are in accordance with the actual weight and volume of the weight of both higher to calculate
          Regular articles: (CM) length * width * height (CM) (CM) / 5000= weight (KG)
          Volume weight: Express DHL
          Transport costs will be affected by the size of the cargo on the plane, which is more than the actual weight, also called volume (or space) weight.
          Using our tool to calculate the volume weight
          What is the size and weight?
          The volume weight of the goods is a kind of calculating method to reflect the density of the package. Generally large and small size of the goods are usually more than the actual weight of space, we will be based on the volume (space) weight and the actual weight of a higher as a charge standard.
          The new algorithm - DHL freight
          To tie in with the advanced aircraft design and technology, we must adopt the new method of calculation, in order to more effectively use warehouse and avoid the shipment volume is too large. In this way, we can further streamline business processes and make our customers benefit from the savings in space.
          The move also encourages customers to improve packaging efficiency by using more compact and environmentally friendly packaging materials, thereby reducing the volume of the goods and reducing the cost of freight.
          Express DHL has updated the volume calculation method of the goods to the standard of the method of calculating the volume weight of the low density package.
          How to calculate the volume weight of the express delivery
          Calculation of volume and weight of the volume of the divisor has been changed to 5000, the new formula applicable for all DHL express today, timing and Tingri sent delivery products. The new formula is as follows:
          Length * width * height /5000
          You can also use this tool to calculate the volume and weight of the Express DHL cargo.

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